Are you ready to pave the way for a new optimistic pulse in your family?

Parents can easily get stuck in survival mode when trying to raise their children.

It’s even easier to slip into old habits.

Regardless of the fact that you told yourself you would raise your family differently than the way you were raised.

The truth is that the support and advice you want to raise your children doesn’t just always come from your  family and friends.

I created this space for parents like you that want to go deeper than learning how to survive, instead choosing to thrive.

How does our community work?

We start with the adults and share skills to slow down (not, to rush kids to the next milestone).

We observe more (not to entertain, or feel the push to teach).

We do less, so that you can see and enjoy your children for who and where they are.

The most refreshing part about our community is you don’t have to do it our way. Just come wherever you are at and feel accepted for all that you are as a parent. That is enough.

How do we create space to flourish together?

RSVP: After you’ve reserved and scheduled your session via Paypal we’ll send over some easy to fill out enrollment forms that will be completed and returned five days prior to our session.

Attend Your Session: Join our group sessions and meet parents like you, that want to go deeper than learning how to survive, instead choose to thrive.

The online and in-person classes expand on the RIE™ approach, which promotes mutual, respectful relationships where your child’s needs, and your needs as a parent, are met.

The in person classes provide children with an opportunity to explore in a safe and child-directed environment while the facilitator demonstrates the parent’s approach.

After Your Session: After your session you will have access to the course materials, and you can connect in the comments with other parents in the private Facebook group to keep the ideas flowing.

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