Parents + Children

Six weeks of in-person classes for adults and their children 


$270 for six class sessions per child

$360 for six class sessions for a family of two or more

$50 for an a la carte purchase of a single class for one child

These in-person classes are for the parent who would like to learn the RIE™ approach to Optimistic Parenting™. This space is created for parents ready to get grounded and be a part of a growing supportive community.

What You’ll Receive:

Six classes of in-person classes

Instructional PDFs

Access to the lending library

Community Dinners

Follow up Calls

In-person classes can accommodate up to 10 families and enrollment can take place any time throughout the year. Class times vary based on age (see times below):

9:30 – 11:30 am           Children 2 years and up

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In person Classes